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SEO Terms: What is Keyword Relevance?

SEO Terms: What is Keyword Relevance?

What is Keyword Relevance?

The term “keyword relevance” has to do with how important or relevant a specific keyword, keyword phrase or search term is to the content on a particular web page. Keyword relevancy is what the search engines use to figure out what the content is about. And that is how the search engines decide which keywords your web page will rank for when someone is searching online.

To optimize your site for keyword relevancy, your best results will come from just targeting a few keywords or phrases for each page. Also, your homepage should be optimized to target different keywords than for example, an interior page that discusses your products or services. 

  • You sabotage yourself by targeting too many keywords because it makes it too difficult for the search engine to determine what the content is about.
  • If you don’t target the appropriate words based on exactly what the content says, you will likely not get ranked where you need to be.

When you first start optimizing your site, try targeting keywords that attract lower search volumes. There are a number of tools available to help you determine the appropriate targets.

In optimizing for keyword relevancy, you don’t really need to over accentuate the name of your company or the names of your products because you’ll likely rank for those organically.