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Small Business SEO Tip #2: Choose Target Search Terms Carefully

Small Business SEO Tip #2: Choose Target Search Terms Carefully

It won't do you any good to be number one in Google for a search term if only 3 people a month are entering it into the Google search box. In your keyword analysis, choose search terms for your SEO targeting that will bring in significant traffic with conversion potiential.

One way to estimate traffic is to create a Google Adwords account (get $100 Adwords credit when you spend $25 here) and use their tools to get estimated traffic reports for your intended search terms. You can also run a limited Adwords campaign and get very detailed information on traffic for your search terms, including geographic and demographic data. Adwords tools will also suggest related search terms to consider, along with their traffic value. 

As mentioned in SEO Tip #1, choose keyword searches you can compete in. I doesn't matter how much traffic a search term gets if you are on Page 10. SEO Tip #5 will cover analyzing the competition.

This is Tip #2 in a series of 10 SEO Tips for Small Business.

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