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Small Business SEO Tip #3: Track Visitors

SEO Traffic ToolsSet up tools that will allow you to track visitors and measure progress. There are a lot of tools available to record and report on your traffic. Most small businesses choose Google Analytics. It is powerful, free and will immediately let you know where your visitors are coming from, and what they are doing on your website.

Once reporting has been set up, review it in detail for any areas where your SEO program is working, as well as areas where it is missing the mark. Once you get a feel for the data, check back regularly to review progress, or look for changes in performance. Set up email alerts on key metrics, so you'll know right away when something goes terribly wrong. Don't neglect setting up goals and conversions. Optimizing for conversion is probably the highest ROI activity you do for your website.

This is Tip #3 in a series of 10 SEO Tips for Small Business.

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