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Using Session Replay to Optimize User Experience

Using Session Replay to Optimize User Experience

It's no longer necessary to guess what users are doing on your website, and why they aren't moving down the funnel and converting. By using session replay you can spy on your website visitors and see exactly what they are doing for the duration of their visit.

Session replay allows you to view each user's experience on your website by watching their mouse movements and clicks. This is made possible with the addition of some code to the website, and the use of a session replay software service like Mouseflow.

Mouseflow Session Replay

Because website visitors almost always position their cursor over the part of the page they are looking at, you can:

  • See what part of your content they read
  • See which elements attract their attention
  • See when they are having trouble finding something
  • See which words they try to click for more information
  • See which form field they stop at when abandoning a contact form submission
  • Watch them scroll through the page and learn which content is engaging, and which is not

...and much more

Each session is accompanied by detailed analytics about the visit including:

  • Location
  • Referrer
  • Entry Page         
  • Last Seen            
  • Pages   
  • Duration             
  • Device 
  • Tags/Variables
  • Browser
  • Operating System
  • Device

website session replay

From this information you can determine which visits represent your most valuable prospects, and get ideas about how to improve their experience on the website so they can more easily do what they came to do. Once you translate your ideas into a layout or content change on the website, you can use session replay to see if the changes lead to the improvement you were looking for.

We use session replay at TP Designs primarily for our SEO and Pay Per Click clients to optimize conversions and check for problems. Used on a regular basis and especially after redesigns, session replay is an invaluable tool in gaining insights to continuously improve the user experience on your website.