5 Reasons Why Your Business Website Needs a Blog

5 Reasons Why Your Business Website Needs a Blog

Blogs have revolutionized the Internet. Ten years ago the Web was a different place. If you wanted to find out about a business, you would do a search, find their corporate web site, and find out what they had to say about themselves.

The corporate web site was most often a kind of online brochure. It could sit there for a year or two without changing much, and it was no big deal, because the other web sites weren't changing much either. Many small business people have the idea that a web site like that is still OK. The following are the reasons why it is no longer good enough:

1. Fresh content - It's always been understood that fresh content on a web site is necessary to keep visitors coming back for more. A blog can serve as a news section of the web site, to keep your customers informed, and coming back to stay informed. It will also keep the search engines coming back for more.

2. More quality content -  Search engine algorithms consider large websites with a lot of high quality content more authoritative, or important than smaller web sites, and they treat them as such in their search results."Quality content" is the key, rather than just the number of pages.

3. More searchable content - The more keyword-targeted pages relating to your products and services that you have on your web site, the more chance that a potential customer searching for those niche keywords will find your web site. And that's what you want to happen, right?

4. Incoming links - If you write interesting, useful and informative articles, other bloggers or webmasters will link to them. This increases your link authority, which is an important consideration in getting high ranking in the search engines. 

5. Share your knowledge - It's not enough anymore to say your business is number one in its field. You need to demonstrate your knowledge to potential customers, and what better way than writing a blog? You can become an indispensable fountain of knowledge, and make that sale before you are even aware of it!

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