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Website Security Basics

Modern websites are constantly under attack. Hackers use "bots" or computers that scan the internet looking for vulnerable sites. Here are some common questions about website security that should be of interest to website owners.

Logo Design Basics

A well designed logo is critical in building your brand identity. Because every brand is different, and your logo needs to be unique. For that reason, the first task for a logo designer is gathering some basic information about the business, services and/or product the logo will represent.

Many documents are created throughout a good web design process. There is certainly a lot for the competent web designer to document throughout the discovery, planning, design, integration and delivery stages of a complex web project. Not all of these documents are of interest to the client, but there are certain documents that are crucial for communication, feedback and setting realistic expectations each step of the way. It is important to present the minimum number of documents needed to ensure a successful project. Otherwise the client can easily be overwhelmed or confused.

The one subject that I have found missing from all the Web design classes I've taken has been Page Layout. How do you arrange the elements of a Web page so that it is not only usable, put also visually pleasing? Not until I started taking courses in graphic design did the answers start coming.

Visual design teaches you how to arrange elements on a canvas and balance a composition so that the viewers eyes move where you want them to. Taking the skills I learned in art and design classes, I came up with these guidelines for composing a Web page layout.