Web Design and Development

Web Design & Development

Get a high performance, secure, professional website that displays well on all devices.

Plans tailored to any business that wants new leads from the Internet.


Mobile Responsive Web Design and Development

At TP Designs, our focus is creating quality websites quickly and affordably. Our client base consists of small to medium sized businesses that know the value of a quality, high performance website, but don't have the budget to hire a team of developers. We use content management systems, frameworks and libraries intelligently, to shorten the development cycle and still deliver a top quality website. We also have the programming skills and experience to customize code, troubleshoot, and anticipate problems that many "Wordpress Developers" lack.

Don't misunderstand - Although it is easy for just about anyone throw up a website on Wordpress, that is just the tip of the iceberg.  If you need a high-performance, secure, professional website, there is a lot more to it. Knowledge and experience is the difference, and that is what we have been successfully providing our clients for over 10 years.


Wordpress is the most popular CMS is the world, and for good reason. Wordpress allows for a fast development cycle and easy ongoing maintenance. There are multitudes of plugins that allow for almost any website functionality you can think of. It is also relatively easy to add custom functionality. With proper setup and maintenance, Wordpress sites are also very secure.

Custom Projects - Genesis Framework

We use the Genesis framework for custom projects. It provides a solid and flexible foundation to create a powerful, fully customized website quickly and easily.

Wordpress Templates

Using a template can be a relatively fast and inexpensive way to get your Wordpress website up and running, when compared to creating a fully custom front-end. Although Wordpress is generally easy to maintain for those with computer skills, the initial template set up can be challenging, and modifications can be difficult or impossible for those without coding knowledge. We assist in template set-up, configuration and adding your content.


Joomla is a power full content management system that rivals Wordpress. Until recently Joomla was a better choice for a business website than Wordpress. Joomla can still be the best choice for some projects. We can maintain and update your existing Joomla website, including making it mobile responsive with a custom front-end template. We can also migrate your existing Joomla website to Wordpress.

Custom Projects - T3 Framework

For Joomla projects that require a custom front-end template, we prefer the T3 framework. It provides a solid and flexible foundation to create a powerful, fully customized website quickly and easily.


For projects that don't need a CMS, we can create your website using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript


We use bootstrap as the front-end framework/library for custom HTML projects. It allows for relatively quick and easy development of a mobile responsive front-end interface.


The jQuery library is a quick and easy way to include powerful JavaScript functionality into your website without writing a ton of custom code. 

Web Design and Development Pricing
Experience has shown us that not all businesses have the same amount or time, money, or technical knowledge to contribute to the creation of their Website. For that reason TP Designs has created a number of programs to best fit the needs of a wide variety of businesses.
Which is best for you?
Web Design Packages
Web Design Packages
For businesses looking for a quality website with a standard set of features at a fixed cost. Still custom designed for your business.
Build Your Specification
Build Your Specification
Use this form to translate your detailed requirements into a specification that will let us create a fixed bid quote for you.
Custom Quote
Custom Quote
If you have a detailed specification that you are shopping around, please send it to us and we'll get back to you with a quote.
Build Your Business
Build Your Business
If you don't know where to start, we can assist you in building a detailed specification that meets your business objectives.