Custom Wordpress Themes

Every business has a unique set of goals and requirements for their website.  A purchased theme may sound like a good idea until you try to fit that square peg into the round hole. Then things can get complicated and ugly. If you want to differentiate your business from the competition, it can be difficult to do with a website that looks like a million other websites. To stand out from the crowd and immediately communicate your business's unique qualities, you need a custom Wordpress theme. We start with your business requirements and build an attractive, professional, user-friendly theme to fulfill those requirements.

Custom Wordpress Plugins

Need a custom functionality you can't find in an existing Wordpress plugin? TP Designs can create and maintain a Custom Wordpress Plugin that meets your exact specifications. Too many businesses sacrifice website functionality or overcomplicate their business systems to accommodate a Wordpress plugin that almost fits the bill. In a world where you need to give 100% to beat the competition, that kind of sacrifice just doesn't cut it. TP Designs can give you exactly the functionality you need for your website to succeed.

Wordpress Setup and Configuration

Buying a Wordpress theme is a good way to get a professional-looking website up by yourself relatively inexpensively. Unfortunately, if you don't have web design skills or coding knowledge, just configuring the template can have a steep learning curve, and it can be months until you have something ready for the public.  At TP Designs we have been creating websites for over a decade, and can take your template to finished, top-quality website quickly. We avoid all of the beginner pitfalls and secure and optimize your template-based website so it functions correctly, is safe from hackers, and loads fast.